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GoFree "Premium Microfiber Cloth" - Single Pack (4 Pcs in One Pack)

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  • Soft Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth to Satisfy All your Lenses

    GOFREE Premium Microfiber Cloth Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

    ·   Premium microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth.

    ·   Won’t scratch lenses.

    ·   Easily capture dust, dirt, and grime.

    ·   Instant clean, dry, and streak free surfaces.

    ·   Multi-purpose use for cleaning, drying and polishing.

    ·   Contain no harsh chemicals.

    ·   100% safe for all surfaces.

    ·   Size. 6.7 X 6.inches (17cm x 15 cm. approx.).

    ·   Ensure your eyeglasses remain in the best condition with a premium microfiber cloth. GOFREE Premium Microfiber Cloth offers the best cloth to clean eyeglasses because of the soft microfiber material. It easily absorbs oils and dust rather than grinding them down into your glasses. The microfiber cloth quickly removes streaks and smudges leaving your glasses spotless.

    ·   The cloth you use plays a critical role to avoid scratches on glasses during a lens cleaning. GOFREE Premium Microfiber Cloth for glasses gives you clear cut vision, even without a cleaner. It is designed to easily remove streaks and smudges on glasses. The soft material guarantees no damage to your costly glasses. This cloth for glasses will make your lens cleaning experience effortless.

    The GOFREE Premium Microfiber Cloth is perfect to use when you need to wipe away smudges or fingerprints without doing a full lens cleaning routine.

    Keep your eyeglasses pristine with an eyeglass cleaning cloth!

    Handling & Caring for Your Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

    Handling Instructions:

    ·   Keep your eyeglass cleaning cloth in a clean area where outside dust, dirt and chemicals cannot attach to the fibres? Use the lens cleaning cloth only on your glasses or small lenses to prolong lifespan.

    ·   When cleaning a microfiber cloth, avoid using fabric softener as it has particles that cling to the surface which may scratch the lens. Allow the eyeglass cleaning cloth to air dry. The exposure to high heat from a dryer can cause fibres to melt. Cleaning your microfiber cloth should be done at least once a month, but will vary depending on the number of uses and the surfaces used on. Cleaning the microfiber cloth often will reduce build-up of dirt and dust particles and avoid scratching lenses or glasses.

    What to Use On:

    GOFREE Premium Microfiber Cloth Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

    ·   Eyeglasses

    ·   Sunglasses

    ·   Safety glasses

    ·   Goggles

    ·   Diving masks

    ·   Motorcycle helmets

    ·   Mirrors

    ·   Camera optics

    ·   Mobile Screen

    ·   Laptop Screen

    ·   And more!


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