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GOFREE Shine - X Anti Fog Spray for Car Interior Glass & Bathroom Mirror Single Pack of 2 (100ML+100ML)

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    "Stepping out of a bath or shower only to find bathroom mirrors fogged up is a problem that we all have faced, but you will be pleased to know that this doesn't have to be a problem anymore."


    "GOFREE SHINE-X Anti-Fog Spray is an innovative product specifically designed to prevent fog from forming on the inside of car windows, making it easier for drivers to see through the glass and ensuring their safety on the road. It is also effective for cleaning bathroom mirrors and glass surfaces."


    "Designed for glass surfaces exposed to high humidity or steam on a regular basis, including mirrors, glass shower doors, windows, and glass displays,

    GOFREE SHINE-X Anti-Fog Spray offers a advanced and highly effective solution for keeping glass and mirror surfaces crystal clear without fog build-up."


    "To use the product, spray GOFREE SHINE-X on the surface to be treated and wipe gently with a microfiber towel or tissue paper roll.


    Reapply as needed to maintain a fog-free condition. For best results, apply the spray to a clean mirror and surface.


    Shake the bottle well before use."




    "CAUTION: DO NOT INGEST. Keep out of reach of children.


    Not for use on contact lenses.


    Wash your hands after use. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY."


     "The product is available in a 100 ml spray bottle."





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