"GOFREE ULTRA CLEANING SOLUTION" - Premium Export Quality (50 ML) - 1 Bottle. For Spectacles, Sunglasses & Eyewear

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    Are you tired of your glasses becoming dirty and smudged due to daily pollution, dust, and oil? GOFREE ULTRA spray is the perfect solution for you. This cleaner can be applied to daily wear glasses and a wide range of spectacle lenses, cleaning and disinfecting them to extend their lifespan. GOFREE ULTRA is an advanced formula lens cleaner that also has active disinfectant properties. It is effective for cleaning and disinfecting eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles, diving masks, motorcycle helmets, mirrors, camera optics, mobile and laptop screens, and more.

    GOFREE ULTRA creates a hydrophilic film so that you can have crystal clear vision every day. 24/7.

     Why caring of spectacle lenses is so important?

     ·    It helps us in maintaining good hygiene.

     ·        Investing in high-quality spectacle lenses is a wise decision. Proper care helps in improving shelf life of your precious spectacles. Not only is it a financial investment in better vision, but it is also an investment in a better attitude toward life and one’s own wellbeing.

     ·        Dirt on spectacles can cause microscopic scratches on the spectacle lenses, which are initially undetectable. Slowly, the spectacle lens becomes hazy and scratchy. Thus, spectacle lenses become uncomfortable to wear. The vision also diminishes.

     ·        Scratches on plastic or mineral spectacle lenses are impossible to remove. The lenses must be changed.

      At GOFREE OPTICAL SERVICES we have developed GOFREE ULTRA spectacle lens cleaning solution. It not just cleans your spectacles, but also disinfects. It is the right choice which is made to perfection by using a clinically proven advance formula. It is recommended for all plastic and glass lenses.  No harmful chemicals are added.

     How to use GOFREE ULTRA?

    ·        Shake well before use.

    ·        Spray GOFREE ULTRAsolution on both sides of lenses.

    ·        Wait for 10 to 20 sec and wipe dry with tissue paper roll or microfiber cloth.

    ·        It is recommended to clean your spectacles with GOFREE ULTRAevery day.



    Keep out of reach of children. Not for use on contact lenses.

    Wash your hands after use. “EXTERNAL USE ONLY”


    Where can GOFREE ULTRA be used?

    ·         Eyeglasses

    ·         Sunglasses

    ·         Safety glasses

    ·         Goggles

    ·         Diving masks

    ·         Motorcycle helmets

    ·         Mirrors

    ·         Camera optics

    ·         Mobile Screen

    ·         Laptop Screen

    ·         And more!


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